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Sir Peter Aloh

Osinakachi is an exceptional leader with unique social skills. His ability to get things done quickly and effectively is top notch. Studying and working together with him on several occasions enabled to grow and taught me the disciplines of leadership, team work and organizational biltzscaling. I highly recommend him.

Philosopher | Politician | Professional Writer | Global Citizen | Social Worker | Human Right & Peace Activist | UN Aspirant | Speaker

Augustus Chukwu

Osinakachi has a fascinating leadership acumen that is second to none, his ability to organise and grow teams and organisations is incredible. He has a unique social intelligence that positions him to leverage on people’s skills not only to grow common good but to help individuals to grow and realise their full potentials. Working with him enabled me to not only grow at a fast rate but to understand my strengths and weaknesses better.He simply brings out the best in people. I highly recommend him.

Mind-Brain Researcher | Learning Coach | Futurist Philosopher | Human Development Expert | Podcast Host/Producer | Writer

Desh Subba

I highly recommend to you Osinakachi Akuma Kalu for your contribution in the field of The Fearology.

Author / Philosopher

Nonye Aghanya MSc, FNP

True information liberates one from innate and perceived (real and unreal) fears. Osinakachi’s work of Fearism is truly liberating for all humanity.

Author / Nurse

William Coburn

Ósìnàkáchì exemplifies leadership qualities that of a spiritual teacher. His ability to consistently provide honest, open and thoughtful insight into various situations and circumstances, always coming from a place of optimism/realism and openness, he switches the frame and allows myself and many others alike to find qualities within ourselves, otherwise unseen, to push the pendulum forward through self/socially aware & collaborative investments to innovative efforts toward the future of humanity.

Chief Executive Officer

Goffredo Giordano

Many people tell positive things about Osinakachi Akuma Kalu. I also want to leave my endorsement. He is an extremely wise man who spreads great culture and passion in every daily action and choice. Osinakachi is driven by spirit, he is pure energy, a great soul, he moves inside the wondrous altruism dimension. He is also a real leader because he makes no differences, but he makes the difference. The best friend and workmate you could wish for…

Chief Marketing Officer

Kristen Conklin

“Ósìnàkáchì Ákùmà Kálù is a motivated individual to improve the globe. He is a friend to all of those in need. He has a heart for ethics and to see all levels of society flourish. His vision is to improve the world through the ethical implementation of technology. He understands basic human motivations and tries to help others based upon his understanding.”

Engineer / Author

Dr. Mehzbeen Sadriwala

Man of wonder. I personally call this man as a champion, truly he is. Sincere, dedicated, scholar with an edge eye, truly a genius, he is at his work. Cooperative and understanding towards his people and colleagues. Associated with him is a happiness indeed. Wrote the Foreword for his one of the book, was a pleasure to me. Society needs more such scholar for the better development. I wish him success and stars at every step.

English Literature

Tom E. Ross

“Many people have grand ideas and visions for the future and some even make plans but very few actually manifest them. OAK is one of those very few. I’ve admired his precision and courage to do what needs to be done to manifest his vision. He is a perfect storm of fierceness, intellect and compassion.”

Author / Speaker


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